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   14.04.2022 01:41
 Ruby J Todd

Please contact me with pricing information and transportation if that is possible.
My last Brussels Griffon passed away a few months ago, and I am seeking another for my home. I am seeking a companion animal.
I have no children, and reside with only adults, I also work from home and can spend the time that is necessary to train him/her.
Thank you kindly,
Ruby Todd
Thank you kindly,
Ruby Todd      

   22.09.2021 19:32
I found your site from puppyfinder. I remember seeing the dog "red chocolate" several years ago and I still look at pics of her grumpy little face. I'm not ready to get a dog yet but I am considering on of these Brussels griffons.

   01.02.2016 01:48
 Eric Dean
Interested in purchasing female Tibetan puppy, how could I purchase Ing Lea puppy from you and have her shipped to me in USA me.

   09.09.2014 08:37
Pretty site. thx

   03.07.2013 06:31
Hero its a beauty   

   01.08.2012 15:55
 Vicktoria Robler
What a bunch of lovely griffonґs I`m so glad I found your homeside.

   30.04.2012 20:25
hi irina

i see on website oceans of passions he is very nice


   22.06.2011 09:28
 Bone Hunters
i found your website on a linkpage. You have a nice website and some nice dogs. I wish you all the best for the future.
Best regards
Steffi & Peter
Bone Hunters Shorty Bulls

   25.10.2010 21:30
 juniper Maas
   friday harbor
The new puppies are BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are getting ready to drive to Mexico December 1st for a couple of will be Tinos next big adventure! I cant tell you enough how much we love our little Brabancon...he is the best boy....we just started agility training and we are having so much fun! He is SO FAST!!!

   16.10.2010 13:45
 John Kehoe
Love your Griffons.Do you have any adults for sale. Must be pet passported.       

   01.06.2010 00:25
 juniper Maas
   friday harbor
We are so happy! I am typing this with one hand because our sweet little Imgosbull Jet-Black is demanding a snuggle with the other hand! I feel like we have had a miracle in our life! Thank you Irina and family!!!!!!

   25.05.2010 09:35
 Gabriele Stroh
   Gross Gerau Germany
I am so fascinated by your Dogs, they are so beautiful.
I wish you and your Dogs all the best.
Many Luck at the Shows and a lot of beautiful and healthy Puppys.

   12.05.2010 19:57
 Juniper Maas
   Friday harbor
I can\\\'t wait for my sweet boy! Each day I wake up with a smile on my face because it is one day closer to having a precious Petit Brabancon in my life! Thank you Irina and family for bringing such joy to my world!

   20.04.2010 15:39
 elisabetta salati
Hi, I have Bonifacio del Solgimar, bruxelles griffon from Allevamento del Solgimar, son of London. One of his parents is coming from your pets.
Is the most nice dog in the world!!
I am planning to buy another one.

   25.03.2010 17:59
 Little Tatanka
Hello from Belgium,
Congratulation for your dogs and your website.
Jean & Fiona

   21.03.2010 19:27
 bogdan kostiw
Your holiday shots with your dogs are amazing, lovely to see breeders living with there dogs and having fun together..
All the best in the show ring......

   04.02.2010 11:06
 Kamila Nevsimalova
   Czech Republic
You have a beautiful girffons and brabancons. I wish many exhibition and breeding success.  

   03.02.2010 08:38
Thank you for the best site I have found    I am serious admirer of the black & tan as well as the red smooth coats. I hope to find high quality pair by next Autumn & I will definately contact you after I\'ve studied more about taking care of these little ones & I am ready to buy. sincerely,Star

   12.01.2010 12:28
Vos chiens sont magnifiques........... nous sommes en extase devant votre travail

La France doit prendre exemple sur la Russie c\\\'est un devoir pour la race

merci a tous les deux, et trés  bientot

Marie-Emmanuel CONAT-MARTIN
domaine des bois de la dieue

   09.11.2009 20:17
You have very nice dogs.
Your bitch LEFYUDI BAZILIA , i like very much. Are you planning any litter after her?
Best regards