Belge Griffon
Imgosbull Queen of Victory
Owner: Birgitte Winter Arildsen,
Sakskoebing, DANMARK
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belge griffon belochka lesnaya for imgosbull

Bruxellois griffon
Belochka Lesnaya
Owner: Deborah Gumming

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bruxellois griffon imgosbull frinigonda

Bruxellois griffon
IMGOSBULL Frinigonda
Owner: Alexia David
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Bruxellois griffon imgosbull centurion

Bruxellois griffon
Owner: Bruce Schon
Rancho Mirage,USA
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Bulldog IMGOSBULL Ptichka Pevchaya

IMGOSBULL Ptichka Pevchaya
Owner: Ivan Ion,
kennel"Casa Ivan"
Bucharest, ROMANIA
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Bruxellois griffon Yupiter for imgosbull

Bruxellois griffon
Yupiter for IMGOSBULL
Owner: Campos Diego
Navarra, SPAIN

Bruxellois griffon Tesser Bofang Shedi Shokoladka for Imgosbull

Bruxellois griffon
Tesser Bonfang Shedi
Shokoladka for IMGOSBULL
Owner: Roxanne Hennagan
Goodyer, AZ, USA

Bulldog Tiana Bush for Imgosbull

Tiana Buch for IMGOSBULL
Owner: Mejouschek Tanja
Villach, AUSTRIA

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Bruxellios griffon Imgosbull You Are Perfection

Bruxellois griffon
Imgosbull You Are Perfection
Owner: Katy C.Lente
Peralta, New Mexico, USA
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English bulldog Imgosbull Sheba's Queen

English bulldog
Imgosbull Sheba's Queen
Owner: Taryn Allison
Floriana, MALTA
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petit brabancon Imgosbull jarkoe tango

Petit Brabancon
IMGOSBULL Zharkoe Tango
Owner: Jakub Kadles
& Bertrandova Lada
Boskovice, CZECHIA
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belge griffon agasfer for imgosbull

Belge griffon
Agasfer for IMGOSBULL.
Owner: Thomas J.Mauldin
Raleigh, USA
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Belge Griffon
Imgosbull Crystal Night
Owner: Linda Claflin
Del Rio,Texac,USA
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Champion Denmark
Europasieger 2012 Danish Champion, Danish Club Champion
Germany Champion, Danish Winner 2009

Imgosbull Love in the First
Owner: Heidi Sparvath
Fjenneslev, DANMARK
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Kennel Imgosbull. Belge griffon, Bruxellois griffon, Petit brabancon.

English bulldog Imgosbull Euphoria

English bulldog
Imgosbull Euphoria
Owner: Kristal D.Dolenar
Queen Greek, AZ, USA

Petit Brabancon, female
Imgosbull Wins Victory
Owner: Veronica Crimella
Sondrio, Italy
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Bruxelois Griffon
Champion by The Balkan Countries,
Champion GRAND Bulgaria, Champion Bulgaria,
Champion Montenegro, Champion Macedonia,
Champion Serbia, Champion Russia

Imgosbull Give Me Kiss
Owner: Natalia Valueva
Moscow, Russia
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Champion GRAND Russia
Champion RUS, RKF, BLR, Club

Petit Brabancon, male
Imgosbull Winner of The World
Owner: Olga Zotova
Moscow, Russia
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