Photo and information about puppies
which have found of the owners.

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Kennel Imgosbull. Belge griffon, Bruxellois griffon, Petit brabancon.
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Griffon Bruxellois, male
Imgosbull Eager for Win  
Owner: Karina Ocampo
Griffon Bruxellois, female
Imgosbull Ever Winning Move
Owner: Jaycee Roth
Clearwater, Fl, USA
Griffon Bruxellois, female
Imgosbull Everlasting Love
Owner: Cathy Hendrix
Little Rock, AR, USA

Belge griffon, female
Imgosbull Give Me Everything
Owner: Marijke Gerritsen-Geertsma
Doetinchem, Netherlands
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Petit brabancon, male
Imgosbull Great Success
Maria Rahouly
Miami, USA

Petit brabancon, female
Potap United Love for Imgosbull
Owner: Neil & Allie Korpesio
Alberta, Canada

Griffon Bruxellois, male
Imgosbull Unison
Stephanie Romero
McAllen TX, USA

Petit brabancon, female
Imgosbull Abstractia
Owner: Lisa Wood
 Nottinghamshire, UK

Petit brabancon, female
Imgosbull Bravade De Ma Force
Owner:  Ralfs Sazončiks
 Riga, Latvia

Petit brabancon, female
Imgosbull Fortune Sourit Aux Braves
Owner: Patrocinio Sánchez
Granada, Spain

Belge griffon, female
Imgosbull Fleur-de-Lis
Owner: Jacalyn Wilson
Sugar Land, TX USA

Tibetan mastiff, female
Imgosbull Ittaya
Owner: Chloe Scrimgeour
Devon, UK

Imgosbull Inarong
owner: Alan Albrecht
Hummelstown PA , USA