Photo and information about puppies
which have found of the owners.

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Kennel Imgosbull. Belge griffon, Bruxellois griffon, Petit brabancon.
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Bruxellois griffon, female
Imgosbull Goldwave
Owner: Svetlana Plotnikova
Krasnozavodsk, Russia

Champion Balcan, Ch Russia, Belarus,
Champion Moldova, Georgia, Croatia, Bulgaria,
Jun Champion Latvia,
Jun Champion Estonia,
Jun Champion Russia
Petit brabancon, male
Imgosbull Dazzle Hot Dance
Owner: Anna Adamova
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia 
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Belge griffon, female
Imgosbull Gravity Force
Owner: Frank Campbell
Salem, MA, USA 

Belge griifon, male
Imgosbull Juct My Luck
Owner: Cris Ingemi
Salem Ma, USA
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Bruxellois griffon, female
Imgosbull Ignite A Star
Owner: Robin Johnson
Miami, USA 
Belge griffon, male
Imgosbull Czar Godzilla
Owner: Valeria Baudu
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Junion Champion Russia
Champion Russia
Champion RKF

Brabancon, male
Imgosbull Jazzid it Up
Owner: Shostak Ekaterina and Sergie
Russia, Aleksandrov
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Champoin Moldova, Ukraine
Champion Cyprus, Lithuania
Junion Champion Ukraine
Belge Grifon, male
Imgosbull Brooklyn
Owner: Melnichuk Natalia
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Champion Germany, Junior Champion Germany,
Champion Luxembourg, Junior Champion Luxembourg,

Champion Austria, Junior Champion Austria
Belge griffon
       Imgosbull New-Fangled  
Owner: Petra Franke
Besigheim, Germany
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Petit brabancon
     Imgosbull Orchidee Noir
     Owner: Irina Vinogradova
Berlin, Germany
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Griffon Belge, male
Imgosbull Good Player
owner: Tatiana Rozenfeld
Moscow, Russia
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Jun Chamion Mexico
Bruxelois griffon
Imgosbull Shining Like the Sun
Owner: Abel Huerta, Mexico
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Imgosbull Ocean of Passions
Owner: O. Falmonova,
St.Peterburg, Russia
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Belge griffon
Imgosbull Time Well Tell About Me
Owner: Valery Boucher,
Orange, France

Petit brabancon, female
Imgosbull Habanera
Owner: Emelie Söderlund
Mariefred, Sweden
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Petit brabancon, male
Imgosbull Highly Hovering
Owner: Heidi Sparvath
Fjenneslev, DANMARK

Petit brabancon, male
Imgosbull Flip-Flop
Owner: Jaycee Roth
Clearwater, Fl, USA
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